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Hugh McGroddy

Notary – Power of Attorney – Intercountry Adoption – Commissioner for Oaths

Hugh McGroddy has been practising as a notary public in Ireland since 2005 with offices located in the heart of Dublin 2. Hugh McGroddy has acquired extensive experience in providing notarial services to individuals and corporate entities including aircraft leasing. Hugh McGroddy Notary Public offers a comprehensive, first-class and bespoke notary service. As well as being a qualified Solicitor with over 25 years of experience, Hugh McGroddy is also a Commissioner for Oaths.

My Practice as a Notary Public Includes:

  • Attesting the signing of statutory declarations and affidavits

  • Drafting and witnessing the execution of powers of attorney

  • Certifying documents for use abroad including passports, educational qualifications, birth certificates, proof of address and other forms of identification

  • Documents relating to Intercountry Adoption

  • Witnessing contracts in relation to the purchase and sale of foreign properties

  • Arranging for documents to be Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Commissioner for Oaths

  • Intercountry Adoption Declarations


Hugh McGroddy Notary

Notary Public

As a notary public, Hugh McGroddy can authenticate documents to satisfy foreign state bodies. When a notary seal is placed on a document it signifies to authorities that the relevant checks have been carried out to verify the documents' authenticity.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Hugh McGroddy Notary Public can also prepare and autheticate Powers of Attorney.

Hugh McGroddy Notary

Intercountry Adoption

As part of the intercountry and foreign adoption process, prospective adoptive parents are required to complete and prepare a comprehensive portfolio of documentation which will also require to be notarised to prove authenticity

Hugh McGroddy Notary

Commissioner for Oaths

Hugh McGroddy is authorised to act as a Commissioner for Oaths and as such can verify affidavits and statutory declarations for court proceedings and other legal documents.


Certifying Documents

Hugh McGroddy Notary Public can certify documents which are required for use abroad. These can include passports, educational qualifications, birth certificates, death certificates, and certifying documents to open bank accounts abroad.



After a document is notarised, it may require to be an Apostille stamp which is provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFA).

For the very best in professional Notary services, book a consultation with Hugh McGroddy today.

Notary Public Dublin 

As a Dublin based Notary Public, Hugh McGroddy provides industry-leading services to clients from all backgrounds. No matter what your reason for needing a notary service, Hugh McGroddy provides the best notary service in Dublin. 

If you require the services of a Dublin Notary then call Hugh McGroddy, Notary Public today to discuss the type of notary service you require. As every client will have has specific requirements and needs, Hugh McGroddy will be more than happy to discuss your concerns and provide further details of notary services available. Once Hugh McGroddy has a better understanding of your Notary requirements, he will arrange for clients to attend an appointment at his office at 33 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2. 

Dublin Notary

Hugh McGroddy – Notary Public FAQ

  • What are the duties of notary public?

    Notaries play a vital role in reducing fraud by verifying the signing of important documents and confirming their legitimacy. They act as impartial witnesses, deterring forgery and ensuring the documents are genuine.

    Key Duties of a Notary Public


    • Witnessing Signatures: Notaries observe the signing of documents and verify the signers' identities.
    • Administering Oaths and Affirmations: They can administer oaths to ensure the truthfulness of statements in affidavits and statutory declarations.
    • Authenticating Documents: Notaries can verify the authenticity of copies of original documents.
    • Preparing Legal Documents: In some cases, they can draft legal documents such as powers of attorney.


    Notaries help maintain trust and efficiency in legal and financial matters by fulfilling these duties.

  • When would I need a Notary Public?

    While notaries provide various services, their role becomes especially crucial when dealing with documents intended for foreign use. Here are some everyday situations where their expertise is essential:


    • International Transactions: Contracts involving parties from different countries often require notarisation to ensure validity.
    • Foreign Court Proceedings: Affidavits intended for courts outside your country typically need a notary's verification.
    • International Adoptions: Completing foreign adoption paperwork often involves notarised documents.
    • Official Documents Abroad: Using government-issued documents in another country frequently necessitates notarisation.
    • Powers of Attorney for Foreign Use: Granting someone legal authority abroad often requires a notarised power of attorney.


    By providing these services, notaries public help bridge the gap between legal systems and ensure your documents are recognised internationally.