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For the very best in professional Notary services, get in contact with Hugh McGroddy Notary today.

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Hugh McGroddy Notary 

Notary – Power of Attorney – Foreign Adoptions Declarations – Commissioner for Oaths

Hugh McGroddy Notary provides clients all over Dublin with the very best in professional legal services. 

Our team of legal professionals can authenticate important documents, authorise power of attorney, take affidavits and a host of other legal procedures. As a Notary Public, we have a wealth of experience and are extremely knowledgeable about all elements of this aspect of the law. We provide all of our clients with expert advice and support as well as first class service. We have an extensive background in dealing with foreign embassies and can advise on the required, complicated protocols.Our team has years of industry-specific experience and our comprehensive services are offered to clients in attractive, affordable pricing structures. 

We specialise in providing:

  • A Notary Service

  • Foreign Adoptions Declarations

  • Commissioner Of Oaths

For more information on any of our services please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our offices today.

Hugh McGroddy Notary


Our notary service can authenticate documents to satisfy foreign state bodies. When our notary seal is placed on a document it signifies to authorities that the relevant checks have been carried out to verify the documents authenticity.

Hugh McGroddy Notary

Power of Attorney

We provide our client’s with a power of attorney service. In accordance with Irish law, we provide two types of Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney.  

Hugh McGroddy Notary

Foreign Adoptions Declarations

This complex area of law involves adoptive parents possessing the various documentation required to begin the adoption procedure. We notarise said documents to prove their authenticity.


Commissioner for Oaths

We are available to authorise affidavits. Affidavits are required when a person is making an affirmation, acknowledgement examination or declaration for a court procedure.

For the very best in professional Notary services, get in contact with Hugh McGroddy Notary today.

Notary Public Dublin 

As a Dublin based Notary, Hugh McGroddy Notary provides our industry leading services to clients from from all backgrounds. No matter you're reason for needing a notary service, our highly experienced and expert team guarantees the best notary service in Dublin. 

If you require the services of a Dublin Notary then give us a call. We are more than happy to discuss your concerns and provide further details of what we do. Once we have a better understanding of your Notary requirements we will arrange for an appointment here in our Dublin office. At Hugh McGroddy Notary, we provide professional Notary Public services for wide variety of clients, each with their own specific requirements and needs.